About us

Bolinger Appraisal LLC was founded in 2008 by Benjamin R. Bolinger who has 10 years of appraisal experience.  All appraisers are state licensed or certified, meet continuing education requirements, and have experience analyzing property throughout Western Kentucky and West Tennessee.

A wide variety of property valuation and consultation services is offered by our residential and commercial staff which includes: market value estimates, rental studies, use analyses, and just compensation. We value real property for financing, trust management, litigation, eminent domain, partnership dissolution, estate planning, estate tax, listing and sale assistance purposes.

With a longstanding reputation for excellence within the community, we have established a clientele that includes a broad representation of government and financial institutions, law firms, relocation companies and private developer/investors.

Bolinger Appraisal LLC complies with the standards and/or guidelines established by the Appraisal Foundation, Appraisal Institute, FIRREA and FNMA/FHLMC. Our up-to-date data bank and computerized technology enable us to provide expedient, professional services to the real estate community.

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